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Gary Attilio, Golf Academy of America

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Gary Attilio, Golf Academy of America

Dear friends,

As part of my new journey, I’ve become involved in a great organization called Little Linksters. The vision of Little Linksters is “helping children reach their full potential through the game of golf”. We provide instruction for children ages 3-8 (which is the only youth golf program that caters to children of that age) through a variety of lessons and clinics, including children with special needs (through our G.O.A.L.S. program). We also host a number of children’s tournaments throughout central Florida.

Our funding comes through nominal fees from the participants, but mostly from grants and donations by generous sponsors and supporters. We are holding our annual, major fundraising event on September 5th and 12th, where I have pledged to play 100 holes of golf to help support all of our Little Linksters golfers. You can help us reach our targeted fundraising goal by donating through this link and pledging your support. It can be an amount per hole, or a flat donation.

I really appreciate anything you can do and thank you in advance for helping support the future of golf.


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Mr. David Hurst 9/27/2015
Mr. William Boyle 9/18/2015
Mr. Robert Attilio 9/14/2015
brother buck 9/5/2015
Rick H 9/5/2015 That is a lot of holes. Better make sure you drink a lot.
Thom Pulzone 9/4/2015
Frank Gallo 9/1/2015 Good luck G
Ms. Kristina Kovacs 8/28/2015
Kileen 8/28/2015
Doug & Maripat Alpuche 8/27/2015 Good luck
Greg Andersen 8/26/2015
Gary Attilo 8/25/2015
Claire Owens 8/25/2015 It's a pleasure to support such a fantastic organization......go get 'em G!!!!